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HIGH CURRENT Surface-Mounted-Socket Type B

Brand: Datong DTCEE

Model: Industrial socket DT75221B/DT75226B/DT75021B/DT75111B/DT75026B/DT75116B

Number Of Pluggable Times: 5000 (Times)

Ambient Temperature:-30-50(C)

Rated Current: 160A/200A,250A/400A

Pole: 4pin/5pin

Protection Level:IP67

    Product description

    In the rapidly developing industrial landscape, the demand for efficient and reliable connection solutions continues to escalate. To meet this need, Type B surface mount receptacles were developed as cutting-edge products that revolutionized connectivity in industrial environments. Featuring a fixed bracket, top plug-in design and IP67 rating, this innovative socket is designed to provide a seamless connection while withstanding harsh environmental conditions.

    Type B surface mount socket B adopts a bracket fixed design to ensure safe and durable installation in industrial environments. This design not only facilitates installation, but also enhances the overall reliability of the outlet, making it ideal for demanding industrial applications. Additionally, the top entry configuration allows for easy and efficient routing of signal control cables, simplifying connection and operation in industrial environments.

    One of the main highlights of Type B surface mount socket B is its versatility in accommodating signal control cables. The socket has a tie function to effectively manage cables and ensure neat and orderly routing of cables in industrial installations. Additionally, the socket offers the flexibility to route signal control cables from the top or enclosure, giving users the freedom to configure the connection to suit their specific requirements.

    The IP67 protection rating of Type B surface mount socket B further emphasizes its suitability for industrial applications. This rugged rating indicates that the outlet can withstand the intrusion of dust, dirt, and water, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in challenging environmental conditions. As a result, industrial facilities can rely on this outlet to maintain high levels of connectivity and operational efficiency, even in harsh and demanding industrial environments.

    In summary, the Type B Surface Mount Socket B is a game changer for industrial connectivity solutions. Featuring rack mounting, top entry design, zip tie functionality and IP67 protection, the socket is custom-built to meet the stringent requirements of modern industrial environments. Whether facilitating seamless routing of signal control cables or withstanding the harshest environmental conditions, this innovative socket sets new standards for connectivity in industrial applications. As the industry continues to evolve, Type B surface mount sockets remain at the forefront, providing reliable, efficient connectivity solutions for a wide range of industrial needs.

    Product Parameter

    HIGH CURRENT SERIES for up to 400 Ampere

    Description Ampere Poles Type
    Type B
    Bracket fixed, top incoming, with cable buckle.Signal control cable can be led in from the top or shell respectively if it is necessary.
    200 4 DT75221B
    200 5 DT75226B
    250 4 DT75021B
    250 5 DT75111B
    400 4 DT75026B
    IP67 400 5 DT75116B

    Dimension (mm)



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