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Brand: DTCEE

Model: DT313/DT323

Number of unpluggable times: 5000 (times)

Ambient temperature: -30~50(C)

Rated current: 16A/32A

Rated Voltage: 230V

Conductor material: brass

Protection Level: IP44

    Product description

    Introducing the panel mounting socket DT313/DT323, The installation socket does not have a bottom box and needs to be fixed on a flat surface.
    This is a unique product that not only provides easy access to power and data sockets, but also hides unsightly wires, cables and pipes. This innovative panel mount socket is perfect for keeping interior spaces tidy and beautiful. Its concealment feature easily hides any objectionable wires or pipes, making it a great addition to any modern interior design. This panel mount socket is constructed from durable materials for long life, ensuring it's a reliable and stylish fixture in any space.

    The panel mounting socket DT313/DT323 is not only practical, but also flexible and versatile. It suits a variety of interior decorating styles, making it a highly adaptable and useful addition to any room. Whether in a sleek modern space or a cozy traditional setting, this panel mount outlet seamlessly blends in and enhances the overall look of the room. Its waterproof properties make it particularly suitable for areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens. This allows seamless integration into any room without compromising functionality or design.

    In addition to their practical use, the panel-mount sockets DT313/DT323 also have an undeniable beautifying effect. By easily concealing wires, cables and pipes, this panel mount outlet instantly improves the overall appearance of the wall it is installed on. Not only does it help make the space more organized and tidy, but it also adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the room. The seamless integration of technology and design makes this panel mount outlet a must-have for anyone looking to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of their interior spaces.

    Product Parameter

    IP44 Panel Mounted
    16A  32A  Current 16A  32A 
      DT313,DT323zu5       Pole
    DT313       DT323       a 70 70
    b 70 70
    c 56 56
    d 56 56
    e 49 59
    f 55 55
    Cable size
    1~2.5 2.5~6

    Dimension (mm)



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