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Brand: DTCEE

model: DT614/DT624

Number of unpluggable times: 5000 (times)

Ambient temperature: -30~50(C)

Rated current: 16A/32A

Rated voltage: 400V

Conductor material: brass

Protection Level: IP44

    Product description

    It is a convenient and practical power interface solution suitable for various applications. This plug is designed to be mounted on an equipment panel and is used to connect external power or signal wires, making it an important component of any electrical system.

    Panel mount plugs feature a compact design that can be easily installed on a variety of panels, including walls, switchboards, cabinets, and more. This versatility makes it suitable for homes, businesses and industry, providing a reliable power connection wherever it is needed. Additionally, plugs are typically designed to be waterproof and dustproof, ensuring they are durable and suitable for use in a variety of environments, both indoors and outdoors.

    Panel mount plugs are designed for stability and safety and are typically made from durable materials, including plastic and metal. This ensures it can withstand the rigors of daily use and provides a secure connection for power and signal lines. The plug uses a standard socket design and is compatible with a variety of plug types, including straight, angled and special application plugs, making it a versatile solution for a variety of needs.

    In addition to being compatible with different plug types, panel-mount plugs are also available in a variety of functional versions, such as straight or right-angle sockets. This allows for customization to suit different application needs, ensuring the plug can be tailored to specific requirements. Whether for residential, commercial or industrial use, panel mount plugs provide a reliable and adaptable power interface solution.

    One of the main advantages of panel mount plugs is their convenience. With its easy installation and versatile design, it provides a practical solution for connecting external power or signal cables. This makes it an essential component of electrical systems in a variety of environments, from homes to factories.

    Product Parameter

    IP44 Wall Mounted Plug  16A  32A  Current 16A  32A 
    DT614,DT624pmv         DT614        DT624        a 69 69
    b 69 69
    C 56 56
    d 56 56
    e 43 52
    f 43 55
    g 56 56
    Cable size
    1~2.5 2.5~6

    Dimension (mm)



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