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UKK400A Power Junction Box UKK Din Rail Power Distribution Box

Model Option: UKK80A/125A/160A/250A/400A/500A

Brand: DTCEE

Shell Material: PA

Rated Current: 400A

Rated Voltage: 690V

Metal Material: Brass (surface tinned)

Product Dimensions:95.7*48.5*48.9 mm²

Product Outlet: 1 entry and 11 exits

Inlet Wire Range: 1 entry ( 95-185mm²)

Outlet Wire Range: 2 exits 6-35mm²

Outlet Wire Range: 4 exits 2.5-10mm²

Outlet Wire Range: 5 exits 2.5-16mm²

Color Option: Blue/Red/Yellow/Green


    UKK Junction boxes are at the heart of every electrical system and are a critical component in ensuring safe and efficient power distribution.  When it comes to reliability and performance, UKK junction boxes are the first choice among professionals and enthusiasts alike.  UKK junction boxes feature one-piece pure copper conductors designed to provide excellent conductivity and stability, making them an ideal solution for a variety of electrical applications.

    The use of pure copper in UKK junction box conductors demonstrates our commitment to quality and performance.  Pure copper is known for its high electrical conductivity, allowing the efficient flow of electricity without the risk of overheating or power loss.  This ensures that UKK junction boxes not only meet but exceed industry standards for electrical performance, making them a reliable choice for demanding applications.

    In addition to their excellent electrical conductivity, UKK junction boxes feature a highly temperature-resistant flame-retardant housing.  This not only ensures the durability of the junction box, but also enhances its safety and reliability, giving users peace of mind in various environments.  Whether it is an industrial environment or a residential installation, UKK junction boxes are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use while maintaining their superior performance.

    One of the main advantages of UKK junction boxes is their installation versatility.  A variety of installation methods are available, and users can choose the most convenient and fastest way to integrate the junction box into the electrical system.  This flexibility not only saves time and effort, it also ensures that UKK junction boxes can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of setups, making them a practical choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

    In addition, UKK junction boxes are available in a variety of specifications, allowing users to choose the most suitable option based on their specific requirements.  Whether it is a small residential project or a large industrial application, UKK junction boxes offer the right combination of features and functions to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

    At the heart of our commitment to quality is our rigorous quality control process. We understand the importance of delivering products that meet the highest performance and reliability

    standards, which is why we implement strict quality control measures at every stage of the manufacturing process.  From the selection of raw materials to final inspection of the finished product, we ensure that every UKK junction box bearing our name meets our strict quality and performance standards.

    All in all, UKK junction boxes demonstrate our unwavering commitment to product quality.  With its one-piece pure copper conductors, flame-retardant housing, flexible mounting options and comprehensive range of specifications, UKK junction boxes are reliable and high-performance solutions for a variety of electrical applications.  Our dedication to quality control ensures each UKK junction box delivers the exceptional performance and reliability our customers expect and deserve.

    About this item
    Made of flame-retardant shell, it is high temperature resistant and resistant
    Good insulation performance and durability for using
    The transparent cover can see if the cable is connected reliably.
    The box is easy quick to install on the rail
    Generally used in power distribution cabinets, distribution boxes, and various high voltage cabinets

    Dimension (mm)

    Product Name Inlet and outlet lines Overall Dimensions (width*length*height) Wiring square
    UKK80A 1 in 6 out 69.2x29.5x45.8 mm 1-way inlet wire size 6-16mm²
    4-way outlet wire size 2.5-6mm²
    2-way outlet wire size 2.5-16mm²
    UKK125A 1 in 6 out 69.2x29.5x45.5 mm 1-way inlet wire size 6-16mm² (optional)
    1-way inlet wire size 10-35mm² (optional)
    6-way outlet wire size 2.5-16mm²
    UKK160 1 in 6 out 70.9x29.4x45.4 mm 1-way inlet wire size  6-16mm² (optional)
    1-way inlet wire size 10-70mm² (optional)
    6-way outlet wire size 2.5-16mm²
    JKK250AA 1 in 11 out 95.6x48.5x48.9 mm 1-way inlet wire size 35-120mm²
    2-way outlet wire size 6-35mm²
    5-way outlet wire size 2.5-16mm²
    4-way outlet wire size 2.5-10mm²
    UKK400A 1 in 11 out 95.7x48.5x48.9 mm 1-way inlet wire size 95-185mm²
    2-way outlet wire size 6-35mm²
    5-way outlet wire size 2.5-16mm²
    4-way outlet wire size 2.5-10mm²
    UKK500A 1 in 11 out 96.8x48.5x48.9 mm 1-way inlet wire size 3*15mm²-8*24mm²
    2-way outlet wire size 6-35mm²
    5-way outlet wire size 2.5-16mm²
    4-way outlet wire size 2.5-10mm²


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